Thursday, May 10, 2012

Human Protection Software Suite

by Anthony Forwood


I’ve been reading their documentation, starting with the FAQ, and as I read it I get queasier and queasier. These people are using the exact same tactics that I see with other scam/disinfo/perp set-ups on the internet. IMO, they’re worse than just scam artists. They might even be dangerous for some TIs.

But don’t just take my word for it, nor reject it out of hand. I respect anyone who wants to dish out their own cash to find out for themselves if this is legitimate, since personal experience is really the best way to know something for certain, but maybe first consider some of the reasons why I think these people and their supposed product are no good, nased on their own statements.

I’ve made comments (rather extensive… my bad!) as I read what they have to say – or fail to say. The most telling are the first two:

* They want all your money up front with no payment plans, and there is NO refund on your money if you find out it’s crap – or worse. They also expect you to pay them every year until you die, or until the targeting stops, whichever comes first (but according to them, the targeting will never stop). Of course, if you pay for the first year, and it doesn’t work, I guess you’d have to be pretty stupid to keep licensing it.

But the really bad part about this is (I’m not making this up)…

* They claim that those who it doesn’t work on are ‘infiltrators’ (perps). This isn’t just a sly way of ignoring people who get no results for their money, as the discerning reader will see. They also state, “you will not be given a second chance. Plain and simple.” Take your chances with them, since these people state that they will label you as a perp if you complain about any lack of success! This means that, after you’ve shelled out your $868 and found out that you got ripped off, if you speak up and say so, you get targeted by them (and all of those that affiliate themselves with these perple, such as the whole FFCHS circle) as a PERP. Also, THINK CAREFULLY about the fact that these perple’s target market (absolutely no pun intended) are people who already feel that the law is not on their side, so they will basically have their hands tied and won’t likely go and report this scam to the authorities without having to explain that they believe they’re targets of EH/OS, and be labeled as mentally deluded. So what can a disgruntled customer do? They’re forced by this intimidation tactic to keep silent, and so nobody ever hears many complaints. Nice trick! THINK ABOUT THAT CAREFULLY!!!

* Claims to remotely remove physical implants – even ‘manually’.

How? Have they made some sort of scientific breakthrough that nobody else (except perhaps the military/intelligence agencies) knows about? Do they know things about implant architecture that nobody else does that allows them to somehow disintegrate them from thousands of miles away? In either case, it would be far more responsible and helpful of them to just release this information. Too many people are being negatively affected by implants for them to be justified in keeping it secret for monetary gain.

* Claims to remove ‘bad intentions’ in a 2km radius.

How? Through some sort of psychotronics (nope, see further on)? Why not just blanket the entire globe? Why not tell how they do it, so we can all help ourselves, rather than rely on them? By their own claims, users should NEVER have a problem with ANYONE – not even the slightest anger directed at them – for the entire time that they use this invisible, mysterious product.

* Claims to somehow hide you from surveillance.


* Claims that humans have ‘programs’ in them, but fails to explain any further what they mean by this. They allude to giving an explanation elsewhere in their documents, but there is none that I can find.

* Claims to have an impossible 101% success rate. Yet, look at the next claim below. If it’s so successful, there would be no disqualified people. Lies, lies, lies….

* States, “Legit TI’s means real humans being targeted, or at least not acting as infiltrators misdirecting others away from questions and answers that are necessary to find a real solution.” Nonetheless, they offer very little information themselves in the way they respond to questions. They leave you no way to properly determine if what they’re selling is a ‘real solution’ as they call it. They have a habit of avoiding the most relevant questions about their product, and responding with irrelevant answers. SUSPICIOUS!!!

* States “There are many trying to harm the reputation of any solution that might help humans and that is done via group infiltration, influencing, misinformation, or discrediting.” We might counter this by stating that there are many people who are smart enough to not throw their money away without first knowing exactly what they’re throwing it at. Calling skeptics of their claims infiltrators, misinformed, etc., is an intimidation ploy, and certainly doesn’t answer to the hard questions that many people (like me) will naturally have. People can only remain misinformed if we’re denied the information we need to be informed.

And as for discrediting… They go on and on discrediting others, simply because they ask hard questions that they can’t or won’t answer! SO WHO’S THE DISCREDITOR???

* Claims that their software is superior to others, but fails to name even ONE of those others.

* Claims to also be able to somehow remotely protect computers from being hacked. States that their own computers are protected this way. This is a temptation to hack their system to prove them wrong! ;-)

* From their FAQ:

Question: “I have induced hallucination, terrible dreams; some times it feels like my body is being controlled. Synthetic telepathy is used, V2K, and more. Are a lot of chips needed to accomplish what is being done to me?”
Answer: Yes, there are many different kinds of devices and programs on you to accomplish it besides outside connections to you

This is false information. It suggests that there is no other means besides devices and ‘programs’ (whatever he means by that), and they don’t require more than one method. That method might be hypnosis or EM targeting, to name two. Synthetic telepathy and V2K are basically the same thing. Neither of them requires implants, unless there is a two-way exchange of signals. Further on, they claim that V2K is a neural device. This is completely false as well. V2K requires NO devices connected to you. It’s merely beamed microwave pulses. These people don’t seem to know enough about the technologies mentioned here to make such claims. This is fear-mongering. Again, SUSPICIOUS!!!

* From their FAQ:

Question: “You know who’s working against humans…what makes you and Joselle the experts?”
Answer: I have my background and I know it. Do you know yours?

They avoid answering the question, and pretend to be all-knowing. EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS!!!

* From their FAQ:

Question: “Mellhedek, why can’t you use a counter frequency to stop the RF”
Answer: Targeting is way more complex than just frequencies. If it were just frequencies then there still exists some that are unknown.

First of all, RF signals are what was being asked about, specifically. ANY RF signal can be countered through what is called ‘phase conjugation’, where the signal’s same frequency is returned, but 180 degrees out of phase, canceling it out. Very simple physics.

Second, there are an infinite number of frequencies to the EM spectrum (which includes ELF, VLF, RF, microwave, infrared, normal light, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma rays), and they often require combining two or more frequencies to modulate a specific signal for a specific effect. Any broadcast frequency at all can be detected by scanning for it with powerful enough receivers. There are no ‘secret’ frequencies. That these people pretend to know much about electromagnetics or the various effects they might have on the human body is a joke! But don’t just doubt me… do your homework before you think I’m wrong. I’ve done more than they have, obviously.

* Further on, they state, “We use our own communication link and frequency and that is why our tech is superior.” I can only wonder how they can say previously that the targeting is more complex than just frequencies (and just a counter-frequency won’t work), and then later state that they use a special frequency that makes their product superior (superior to what?). The word ‘frequency’ is being used indiscriminately by them and not in any normal context, and whatever they might mean by the quoted statement is left to your imagination.

* From their FAQ:

Question: “Does Mellhedek need a person’s full name and birthday to zero in on the bio signature?”
Answer: No, we only need the full name and sometimes country/state.

This means that they aren’t using anything related to psychotronics, psychism, orgone energies, etc., since they wouldn’t even need a name or location from a person. Just to have made contact through email or whatever would be enough. So what ARE they using??? They leave that open to your imagination.

BTW, a FAQ is supposed to be a list of frequently asked questions, but their FAQ sounds more like a sales pitch/soap opera.

* Defines tech support as software upgrades. Any computer techie knows that they’re not the same thing at all. Tech support means you can contact their technicians for assistance in using a product. Upgrades are software changes. BIG DIFFERENCE! This sounds like an avoidance of dealing with disgruntled users while still trying to say that they will have a support line.

* Uses a lot of undefined terminology, leaving it up to the reader’s imagination to fill in the blanks as to what they’re talking about:

‘backdoor connections to your body’
‘information leakage’
‘on demand mirrors’
‘human body project’
‘foreign ethereal bodies’
‘invisible forces’
‘alternative ways’
‘body layers’
‘smart shielding’
‘human interfaces’
‘backdoor interfaces’
‘blue laser matrix’
‘information leakage’
‘outside dependencies’

It seems that even the word ‘software’ is being used in a deceptive manner. You would think that they’re talking about computer software, but they never actually say that, and in reading their long-winded FAQ (that doesn’t appear to answer the likeliest questions to be most frequently asked), I’m starting to wonder if they would define ‘software’ as something else. After all, they say that somehow software is loaded in the body of a person, which isn’t any sort of software that I know of. And they certainly don’t make it clear that they don’t mean computer software, but leave it to the reader to figure it out on their own. DECEPTION!!!

* They hide behind the old ‘trade secret’ excuse to not give any particulars about anything. SUSPICIOUS!!!

* They haven’t been FDA approved, so they are probably operating illegally if this software can actually affect the physical body as they claim.

*This ‘Mellhedek’ character (Is this a variation of Melchizadek? Why hide behind a pseudonym?) says, “I am One that has returned. I am here to bring freedom and justice,” I wonder where he thinks he returned from. People like mystery – enough to waste their money on fantasies.

Note: I see references to ‘Mell Mellhedek’, and I recall having come across a rather sinister and deceptive character on the internet some time ago who was tied to an equally sinister cult group of a very esoteric nature who went by the name of Mel Melchizadek. Not having access to the internet at the moment I write this, I can’t google the name to see what might come up, but I’ll try to remember to. Melchizadek is the name of a biblical character that I first heard about from a woman I lived in the same rooming house with for a while. She was definitely under heavy mind-control, receiving weekly electroshock treatments, very strong psychic abilities (I tested her with coin-toss experiments, and she had an 80% accuracy) that are known to be enhanced by the induced trauma. Anyway, she was associating with a mysterious man who she referred to as Melchizadedk, and was convinced (by him) that he was Jesus Christ and that they were husband and wife. Whatever the case, the guy had this woman completely under his spell, and she was messed up bad from it. I even had some VERY unsettling invasive dreams featuring her in a different (animal/human cross) form during that time, which were totally unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before or since. Very freaky experience knowing her. But the point is that name. It ties in too well with evil personas, and this mysterious ‘Mell Mellhedek’ seems too similar to ignore.

*From the FAQ:

Question: “I don’t want to sound disrespectful Mellhedek, but you sound like the magic 8 ball when you talk, no definite answers, maybe it is a language barrier”
Answer: It is because you are all expecting one answer to get one solution, there are many root causes to reach one solution. So there are many answers to reach one solution. That is why we had test trials to design many different components to protect from each root cause and reach one solution.

As you can see, I’m not the only one who questions this guy’s claims. But that’s not why I quoted this Q&A. Look at the response. Speaking in a convoluted manner to say nothing at all. What is expected is are straight answers, not meaningless drivel that doesn’t really reflect the question asked and makes no sense. These sort of responses create more questions than they answer, and these perple have lots more like this one.

*That they’re affiliated with the questionable FFCHS site is very telling. They apparently get quite offended by doubters, but they should EXPECT reasonable-minded and intelligent people to ask hard questions, and be ready with acceptable answers.

*Their FAQ reveals that these people are agent provocateurs… you will see the same disruption/diversion tactics that are classic to COINTELPRO operations. If you go about a quarter of the way into their FAQ, at the part where ‘Joselle’ (another pseudonym, no doubt) has added her soap opera commentary, you’ll see what I’m referring to.

Duncan O’Finioan (Bobby Joe Fannin), the wannabe MKULTRA super-soldier does exactly the same thing. They start disputes with people – usually with those who show any doubt or ask hard questions, but sometimes between each other – and the original point being made by the ‘infiltrator’ (their definition) who’s asking tough questions gets forgotten in all the distraction. The situation with this HPSS ‘software’ is a little different, in that they’re not just selling BS, but also trying to market it as a ‘service’ (you can’t really call this a product, since they don’t give you anything tangible), but otherwise it serves the purposes of the intelligence agencies. The same thing goes on in the UFO community and throughout the rest of the New Age community.

Julianne McKinney, moderator of the Yahoo multistalk forum, who has had disputes with other significant names in the circle of self-proclaimed TI advocates and ‘baby-sitters’, and who I believe might be a stolen identity, uses the same tactics as well.

FFCHS has been long recognized by many TIs for engaging in similar disputes in order to disrupt the TI community and divert attention when necessary. I understand that some of their more prominent members are hanging out in the facebook TI groups that I frequent, so they should just be advised that I’m aware of their presence, but I’m not judging them for being affiliated. People make mistakes. :-)

*Some of the techniques being used by those good perple at HPSS are classic cultic mind-control techniques that were also developed by the intel agencies. They resemble the initiatory ‘laying down the rules’ that essentially bind cult followers to dependency on their leaders, and there’s always the manipulative clause that traps you, which I covered at the start. Secrecy is also always a big part of it. I’m not saying HPSS is trying to create some sort of cult, but the mechanisms they’re using stink of CIA training in that area.

*They state that Jim Alby is a tester who claims to be able to ‘show’ positive results. Jim Alby is a member of one of these facebook TI groups I’m in. Care to step up and engage me in a civil discussion of the end-user’s experience, Jim, and ‘show’ me your positive results (however that might be achieved)? I have a lot of questions as well, and how you answer might change my mind about this, or it might confirm my criticisms. No response says as much as anything, as far as I’m concerned. It’s up to you whether you want to support these perple or not.

For starters, they say that your targeting actually INCREASED during testing, and yet they claim that it’s supposed to eliminate it, immediately. What do you have to say to that? How can it be giving you positive results if your targeting got worse? Is that considered a positive result? The perple at HPSS don’t list even ONE example of what effects are experienced beyond the expelling of implant traces through the skin. What more does it do that is noticeable?

*They avoid describing how their ‘product’ works by stating “We can only describe concepts, for security reasons.” Well, EVERYTHING is essentially described as concepts, so this is just a cop-out. They don’t bother to explain much at all, even in concepts. I’d like to hear an explanation using scientific concepts that are based on sound knowledge, not gobbledeegoop mystical-tinged non-answers that leave it to us to rely on our imaginations to fill in the blanks. There are FAR too many blanks that need filling.

*In response to someone who says they’re getting zapped by low-tech devices, they state “But probably they are not using low tech on you. That is what they want you all to believe.” Oh really. Or is it that these perple want you to think the worst, in order to goad you through fear? Or perhaps just to keep pushing the idea that they know so much more about what’s going on with the perps and their technology, even though they refuse to explain it in any detail whatsoever? Or both?

*IF this ‘product’ is based on metaphysical principles, as seems to be the claim, then users DEFINITELY have something to worry about in putting their trust in these perple. You can easily become mind-controlled, ‘possessed’, zombified, or however else you might want to define it, just by giving over your trust and belief in their ‘whatever it is’. The old Ouija boards often had the same negative effect on people, and were based on the same principles. Demonology is the same. These principles have real power over unwary dabblers, and it appears that these perple at HPSS are dabbling, and want others to dabble too.

*They state, “Only a gov. worker would waste so much time trying to discredit something that could by any chance help TIs.” COMPLETE BULLSHIT! This, again, is an intimidation ploy that’s meant to keep people from speaking out against what these liars and thieves are claiming about themselves and their ‘product’. It’s also a form of perping. I’m going to an awful lot of trouble and have spent an entire night (12+ hours) reading through their long FAQ and writing my comments, and this is only because I want to make sure I understand what this ‘product’ is really all about, and so far I haven’t figured much out in that area besides that it’s a scam. But that’s not my fault that it’s taking me all this time eand effort. Straightforward answers to relevant questions would have made this much quicker than wading through the repetitive non-answers that their FAQ is filled with. I don’t plan on looking at any of their other documents at this point, since I would have expected the FAQ to provide the information that would provide the most relevant information, but it doesn’t – at least not in supporting their claims. Instead, I’m more convinced now that only FOOLS will send their money to these perple, and they’ll get exactly what fools usually get. This next comment says it best…

* Surprisingly, they state, “we are offering a non-existing solution to a non-existing problem.” Well, half of that is accurate. Can you guess which half?

*They claim to have test results, but don’t make them available. The best they offer is an allusion to an except from a chat, but where it is, I don’t know, and I’m not going to waste a lot of time looking for it (Apparently, from what ‘Joselle’ says, these ‘results’ are just personal anecdotes, rather than anything that constitutes an objective analysis of the tests). If these test results aren’t prominently available for all to see, SOMETHING IS FISHY! ‘Mellhedek’ refers to two people, ‘Joselle’ and Jim Alby. Only two. I could come up with two people who would back me up on whatever I claimed, especially if I offered them some of the cut. I want to see the statistical results from the 27 people in the US and the 220 in Brazil that were supposedly tested, as should anyone who is intelligent enough to not just believe anything. As it is, I don’t think these perple have the intelligence to do proper controlled tests that would be required to substantiate their claims. Only the test results would show that they did or not. SUSPICIOUS!

*They state that they have no intention of scientifically proving, or even explaining, their ‘product’. They go on to say, “How are we going to provide proof? By RESULTS”. Yet, unless they provide those results, and how they were achieved, there is no proof! It falls back to relying on their word in blind faith. Only those who pretend to be gods work that way, and only sheeple follow. But there’s more…

They go on to say, “Your choice, as always: be ruled by “scientific data” or be ruled by RESULTS. Never by blind faith.” Well, since there are no results available to the discerning public, the only choice they leave is blind faith. And even if there were results available (beyond the two close companions of this ‘Mellhedek’ clown), they should be based on scientific methods of empirical enquiry. Mainstream science might not give its attention to certain areas of research, but that doesn’t mean that the scientific method is at fault. The above quote is another COP OUT!

The document gets hard to follow after about two thirds of the way through, and I can’t distinguish between what are supposed to be the questions (if there are any) and what are supposed to be the answers, or a bunch of comments by this ‘Mellhedek’ character. Very poorly put together… I wonder how much care they put into their ‘product’? Anyway, I’m not going to go any further. It’s obvious that I’m wasting my time doing so.

* * *

To anybody – particularly ‘Mellhedek’ & Co. – who wishes to refute anything that I’ve said, go ahead. I’m all ears. Just be prepared to focus ONLY on the subject at hand – this product – and not turn it into a diversionary circus. Emotional appeals to protect overly-sensitive emotions, or bringing up how much these people are trying to help people, or expectations of blind faith, will not be accepted as legitimate arguments or reasons to discredit me. If these people can make such outrageously extraordinary claims, which they certainly are, then they and anyone who supports them should expect this sort of criticism of both them and their ‘product’. If you refute something I’ve said, put up solid, concise arguments, or don’t get involved with me. I’m not going to play games, and I don’t plan on wasting a lot of time and energy arguing with people. If you have something worth saying, say it. Otherwise, let the truth be what it is. I’m not trying to win anybody over to anything more than making intelligent decisions.

I’m exercising my right to voice my opinions and beliefs while I still have it to express. So sue me. On the other hand, these people are selling bullshit at a heavily inflated price, and are very likely breaking federal laws in the process. I’m very tempted to report them to various authorities.

* * *


IF YOU WANT A FAR CHEAPER METHOD of freeing yourself from targeting, I have a definite solution that is GUARANTEED to work, or your money back in full within 30 days of receipt. A one-time payment will solve your targeting problems IMMEDIATELY, and for LIFE. Unlike competitors like HPSS, I will explain EXACTLY how my technology works and how to use it effectively to get the best positive results, and I will even provide PERSONAL one-to-one online support for the first year of use. Only $100.00 US. I’M NOT JOKING ABOUT THIS!!!

My system is a hands-on product and not some intangible ‘something’ like HPSS. With my system, YOU control every aspect of its many possible applications. You can turn it on or off any time you like, and test the difference for yourself, which you WILL notice. And there will never need to be any upgrades or fixes, like with the competitors! This is a tried and true method of personal protection against targeting. It works by making your mind and body stronger, healthier, and impervious to any onslaughts, unlike what the competitors offer. I’ve been using this method successfully for the six years that I’ve been aware of my targeting, and I’m getting stronger and more capable every day! Hell, if you want a personal demonstration and you can come and visit me where I live in Vancouver, BC, I’ll be glad to give you one! I have NOTHING TO HIDE, unlike the competitors!

Email me at for more details. Serious enquiries only. .

* * *

Will ‘Mellhedek’ & Co. call me an infiltrator, perp, or whatever, for thinking that they’re lairs and thieves, and possibly much worse? Would they claim that I don’t qualify for their ‘product’ for whatever reason, if I wanted to use it? What reason would that be? I hold my breath in heavy anticipation for an onslaught of protest and counter-accusations. ;-)


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  2. My hypothesis, which gains evidentiary support regularly from media I become aware of, is that OS/EH was brought about for a two-fold purpose, with the first aspect being that it is intended to neutralize the influence of those who will not go along with anything contrary to their own personal points of view, whether the conflict is moral or otherwise, for any reason, regardless of what they are threatened with socially, physically, or in any other way, and who thus do not feel the need to join groups, etc., in order to feel good about themselves. Such people do not make good cattle/sheep because they do not follow the herd, nor any shepherd. Such people are therefore disruptive to the agenda of those attempting to carry out what is discussed in my explanation of what I believe to be the other reason for OS/EH. I believe the other component is that it is to be revealed that the individual federal governments were responsible for OS/EH, with the truth being, as in economics, that it was agents of change who infiltrated government who were responsible, as one of the many ploys to cause the people of these sovereign nations to seek out the end of such governments and the open formation of a world government. Of course, New Age ideology is heavily involved in this New World Order scheme. The New Age-colluding United Nations may even intend to pretend by technological means to be "space brothers" who have come to save mankind.