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Recent Events at the Siesta Rooms Hotel - 2014

by Anthony Forwood

January 16, 2014

I live at #52-936 Granville St., Vancouver, BC. I’ve lived here since July 1, 2006. It’s a low-income residential hotel in the downtown core. The following describes some recent events that relate to my targeting, both at my residence and within my neighborhood. This is as much for the record as it is to inspire other targeted individuals to face their perpetrators with courage.

September 2013 – The manager of my building suddenly quits and moves out, and I only realize it a few days afterwards when I discover that a new manager has taken over. Up to this point, I’ve had a constant problem with bedbugs in my room and I’ve been noticing for a long time that someone has been regularly entering my room when I go out. Very often, the entries are at night when Mike Renner, who works the night shift, is on.

December 2013 – My targeting has almost completely stopped, both in my building and on the street. I realize at this point that it had suddenly reduced at about the same time that the manager left. I’m also no longer finding bedbugs in my room since he left, which had been persistent for the 5 1/2 years I had been living in my current room. I’m also seeing few signs of anyone entering my room when I go out, either. I notice that there are a lot less people around in general, unlike prior to September. Christmas in previous years has always been noticeable for the increased crowds of shoppers and higher levels of mobbing, but this year there seems to be far fewer shoppers and almost no mobbing at all. There has also been almost no police presence on the street for a long time.

The new building manager starts fixing up rooms that have been empty for years. He also brings in a pest control guy and the rooms are treated with paste for cockroaches. I haven’t seen very many of those for months, either. A number of new tenants have moved into these rooms by the end of the month.

First week of January 2014 – The new manager notifies me that the health inspector will be coming around to inspect rooms on the 7th.

January 7 – The health inspector comes by, but doesn’t actually come into my room to look around. I’m just asked if I have any cockroaches, bedbugs, or other problems that need taking care of. I tell him that I no longer see any cockroaches and that the bedbugs seem to be under control as well. I forget to mention the dust problem, which is certainly a health issue.

At about this time, I notice that my targeting on the street has suddenly started again. Instead of groups of people crowding me or getting in my path on the sidewalk like before, it’s now single individuals, and almost always girls, who suddenly move into my path and bump into me as they pass and then give me a dirty look, as though it was my fault. I also notice that the police presence on the street has been increasing lately.

January 11 – I come home and find that my computer is turned on. I had turned it off when I went out, as I always do. I had been noticing signs of someone entering my room again over the last few days. It seems to always be when Mike Renner is working the night shift.

My targeting on the street is increasing and it’s still individual girls getting in my way at the last moment. The police presence in my neighborhood is now very noticeable.

January 13 – The new building manager notifies me that my room is going to be sprayed for pests on the 15th. I ask why, since they had just been here last month. He tells me it’s because I told the health inspector that I had bedbugs. I explain that spraying has never gotten rid of them before, and that the bedbug problem is under control anyway. He says that there’s nothing he can do, since I mentioned the bugs to the health inspector, so it’s mandatory. While we’re talking, I tell him about some of the problems that I’ve had in the past that were never properly dealt with by the old manager. I mention to him that I need a new mattress, since that’s where the bedbugs come from. I also say that my room needs to be fixed up or I need to be moved into another room, since the bugs also come in through the cracks in the wall. He tells me that he can’t give me a new bed unless my entire room is sprayed for bugs first, which requires that I move all the furniture away from the walls and clean the room. I explain that this is a problem because the furniture is too large and heavy and there’s a thick layer of dust on everything that I can’t control because of how quickly it develops. I tell him that the old manager had never properly dealt with anything and just let things get worse, to the point that all of my possessions are damaged from the dust and bugs, and I was considering taking the landlord to arbitration for monetary compensation, and he’d be looking at a minimum of several thousand dollars in loss. I ask the new manager about moving me into another room, but he tells me that the ones he’s fixing up have to be rented out to new tenants so that he could break even financially before he would consider moving me. I ask if he has an old mattress that I can use, and get rid of the one I have. He says he’ll check and get back to me.

Targeting on the street is still increasing and still mostly individual girls getting in my way at the last moment and bumping into me, then giving me dirty looks. I start carrying my camera in my hand and make sure that the people coming towards me see that I have it pointed at them, although I’m not making it blatantly obvious. This is the only thing that seems to make them keep their distance. I take a picture of anyone who seems to purposely get in my way and I make sure they see that I did. At this point, I notice that they start to change tactics and instead of trying to bump into me as they come towards me, they walk in groups of two or three and get in front of me as they’re walking in the same direction, and then slow right down and spread out enough that I’m blocked and can’t pass. I notice a number of people are whispering to each other when I’m near or just after I pass them, and when I look up at them their eyes quickly turn from me to something else. I occasionally hear what sounds like one person in a group I pass verbally pointing me out to the others. When I glance back a few seconds later, they’re looking at me and their heads turn away when they see me look. Police presence on the street is still higher than usual.

At 5:50 am, my computer hard drive started running for no apparent reason while I was watching TV. I let it continue for a few minutes in case it was doing an auto-save, and when it didn’t stop, I checked it with Process Explorer to see what might be causing this, but couldn’t find anything. I had had previous strange activity over the last few years, where Windows functions were suddenly changed or disappeared completely. These have always been functions that I relied on for securing my files or searching the hard drive for documents that had mysteriously vanished. These documents have always been ones that I had written or was in the middle of writing that related to my targeting. My computer has never been connected to the internet and I took extra precautions to disable wireless access years ago. I take pains to turn the computer off whenever I’m not in my room, even if I just have to go out for a minute. About a month ago, a person in the building had come by and drew me away from my room, causing me to leave the computer unattended for a few minutes.

January 14 – I discover that I suddenly have a bad bedbug infestation and wake up with bites for the first time since the old manager quit. I only slept for a few hours. I check the bed and find lots of them scattered all over the outside edge of my blankets. There are also lots of eggs scattered all along the outside edge of the blanket as well, which I’ve never seen like that before. The eggs hadn’t been there last night, when I had done a thorough check of my blankets. It’s also the easiest area for someone to access, and not where I’ve ever found them before. Over the last several months, I only ever found a few at certain spots where they seemed to like to settle and where they wouldn’t get disturbed. I hadn’t seen any crawling around on the bed for a very long time either, but now I was finding large ones crawling over the top of the blanket. It also appeared as though someone had been in my room again, when Mike Renner was working the night shift.

The targeting on the street is more intense than ever, and it seems like everyone that I come across on the street is trying to mob me. I have to keep my camera visible in my hand to be able to walk down the sidewalk freely. Whenever I put my camera away, the mobbing starts again. It’s the same sort of new mobbing activity as yesterday, rather than individual girls purposely bumping into me like they had been doing over the last few weeks. It is now always two or more people involved in each instance. They seem to take every possible opportunity to target me. I have to watch every person who gets near me, because they’re now acting like they don’t see me even though I’m clearly in their view. The police are always somewhere nearby.

January 15 – The manager comes to my room with the pest control guy who is only going to use paste for cockroaches. I tell him that he had already done it last month and I didn’t even have cockroaches so there was no need. I didn’t mention the bedbugs, since I’m now very suspicious that they’re being planted there by Mike Renner. I woke up with bedbug bites again today, and only got one hour of sleep because of it. I’m very exhausted but don’t want to lay on my bed now. I check it each time after I go out and keep finding more bugs, usually large ones that obviously didn’t just hatch.

I start to write out all the information related here, and when I take a break to go out for a coffee, I shut off the computer. I come home to find that the document wasn’t saved and has disappeared. I’m so tired that I had accidentally shut the computer right down, rather than put it on standby as I usually do. Auto-recovery didn’t preserve it, although several other files I had opened but hadn’t saved were restored. I search the entire hard drive but can’t find any trace of my work. I have to start all over. This has happened before, when I wrote a similar document about the management of my building. But this time it’s my fault.

I suspect that all of what I have related here is tied together as part of my targeting. I suspect that when the old manager of my building left, the police had to reorganize their operational plan and train some of their ‘community agents’ in how to monitor me in my building, and give them time to learn how to do it properly so that there were no chances that mistakes would be made, since this is crucial to the security of their gang-stalking network. This is why there was a rather sudden drop in my targeting. They seem to have also decided to step it up, since I’m so relentlessly determined to fight back and expose them and their methods as much as I can through my many published documents on this criminal network they’re running. I may not be entirely accurate in my deductions of what’s going on or how it’s being done, but one thing is sure: the targeting has suddenly gotten far more intense in the last two weeks, unlike anything I’ve dealt with in the last 7 1/2 years I’ve been aware that I’m being targeted by this network.

The level of stress I’m going through from the past few days with so little sleep and dealing with the events related above are really testing me. I’m at my breaking point, holding back my tears, and I pace back and forth, wondering what to do and where I can possibly go for help about all this. I think about looking for an advocacy group to help me with the problems in my building. I think about taking the landlord to arbitration to try to get compensation for all my possessions that have been damaged and destroyed and had to be thrown out over the years because of the bugs and dust. I think about going to the hospital and just having a nervous breakdown so that they’ll take me in for a few days of needed rest and care. I think about all the problems I’ve had living here and particularly with the staff for the last 7 1/2 years, and the patience that I’ve had throughout it all. I review some of the past documents I’ve written about these problems, wondering how I should deal with this, now that there’s a new manager. I expect that he’s in on my targeting as well, but I have to give him a chance and hope that he’ll deal with things better than the old manager did. He doesn’t know the problems I’ve had – at least not my side of the story. I decide to give him a copy of a document I wrote several years ago that details some of the problems I had with the last manager and the situation in the building, which I’ve posted online, called ‘Living in Squalor at the Siesta Rooms Hotel’. I leave it with him, and tell him that it will fill him in on where I’m coming from, and that I’d like to talk to him about things later on. I also inform him that I have another document that details about 50 issues I’ve had with the staff and management in the past. I want him to see that I’m not the lowlife I might appear to be by my appearance or by whatever rumors he might hear, and that I have legitimate issues that need to be properly dealt with, and that I’m not stupid and won’t take any crap. I just want him to play fair.

I go out to get some fresh air. As soon as I get outside, I take out my camera and keep it visible. I start walking to the library to use a computer and go online. I notice various people along the way that appear to take special notice of me, and their faces all express contempt. An older couple who are walking close beside me in the same direction attempt to get ahead of me before I reach the corner, but I veer around them and hold my camera up so they see it. They turn their faces away, and I can hear them whispering something. After the light changes, I quickly cross to stay ahead of them, turning up the side street. A guy ahead of me seems to be lingering, looking angry, and I sense he intends to try something, so I let him catch sight of my camera. He turns and walks away. At the same time that I’m approaching him, I see a woman walking a large dog on the other side of the street who suddenly cuts across the street just ahead of me. Just before she can get in front of me, I turn off to cut through a parking lot, putting her behind me. Walking the last few blocks to the library, I let each person I come across see the camera. All of them stay out of my way. I get to the library and notice that most of the people within my view look at me, but by the time I get to a computer terminal and sit down, the place seems very quiet and peaceful. I log on and check my mail. There’s a new one from an online friend who had emailed me out of the blue the other day to ask how I was doing. It had come right after I had thought about him for the first time in a while. A synchronicity. I read the new email from him and feel glad that some people appreciate me. I take my time responding, glad to have an online friend with similar interests that aren’t all related to targeting. After I send it off, I read a few posts on facebook in one of the groups I frequent. They’re from a woman I don’t know who I had responded to the day before. Her messages are so welcoming, so full of the kind of warmth and friendship that I really need at this point, the kind that I haven’t had for a very long time. I think I can make it through this.

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  1. I lived in that piece of shit back in 1980 when it was called -- The Mall Haven Hotel. I seriously can't believe that place hasn't been demolished or simply burnt down. Anyways, I lived there for two months until they kicked me out (for no real reason) and I ended up over at the Brandiz Hotel, which was actually a better place back then, surprisingly enough. Sorry to hear nothing has really changed there in 35 years.