Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Sandy Hook Resolution

by Anthony Forwood

To the people of Newtown/Sandy Hook:
In order to resolve the issue over whether the Sandy Hook shooting actually occurred as claimed by the official story, and to satisfy the millions of people in the world who now question that official story due to its innumerable inconsistencies, there is only one solution, and a very simple one at that:
Give us enough evidence to satisfy all doubts that a shooting took place as officially claimed, and that Adam Lanza was found at the scene.
All who were involved in this event and its aftermath - the authorities, the surviving victims, the victim's families, the witnesses, the media outlets that have been reporting both falsehoods and facts, etc. - will continue to be doubted unless they allow the rest of the world to feel satisfied that they haven't been coerced into involving themselves in the cover up of a staged event.
The longer their silence continues and the evidence is withheld, the worse it will get for all of us. Like the 9/11 controversy, the doubt and suspicion isn't going to just go away. Instead, it's going to increase, as you can already see this long after that pivotal day in December of 2012. The freedom-loving people of the world are getting sick and tired of being kept in the dark while their governments (and the US government in particular) act more and more like dictatorships than the democracies they claim to be. A conspiracy has been created by those involved in this high-profile media event simply through their continued silence. That silence is a conspiracy to keep the truth from the people and subject them to tyranny. This will only result in more deaths of more people - including innocent children - in the future.
If the victims and victim's families really want to be at peace, then the authorities need to prove that the official story is true. Only the evidence that they are withholding will prove that, one way or the other.
The longer the silence continues, the worse the speculation will get, and the worse the repercussions will be on those families. It's a shame that we're left to only speculate, and in the process doubt these families and have very reasonable suspicions of them. But at the same time, this should be expected. You can't blame such a large and growing segment of society for having such strong doubts about this event and the people now involved, given this unexplainable silence.
We have lost trust in our authorities. There is already too much secrecy under the veil of 'national security'. The world will never get better with this attitude of keeping information from the people. We no longer feel safe with those who are in power or given excessive authority over the rest of us. Too many exposed lies in the past have already destroyed our trust and respect of that authority. This situation will only cause more Adam Lanza's. 'Lone nut' shooters are definitely on the rise, and it's no wonder!
You who are keeping silent about this event in Sandy Hook are going to be part of the cause of the next major tragic event that takes innocent lives, because YOU didn't do the right thing here when you could have. Don't blame 'conspiracy theorists' for anything. That's a cop out. You are making this a real conspiracy by remaining silent. Man up and take responsibility for the state that you now find yourself in, as well as the state that you place the rest of us in, instead of complaining about the growing numbers of people who doubt the official story and suspect you of complicity. If you want your freedom to mourn in peace, and the freedom and peace of victims and victim's families who will come after you, then pressure those authorities who are actively covering this up to release the evidence that would prove one way or the other that the official story is either true or false.
Only you can stop the growing doubt and suspicion. Until you show your integrity to your fellow man by being open and honest, you will always be persecuted. Your silence and lack of cooperation with your fellow man are your choice, so what results from it is your own doing.
Lenny Pozner claims that those who doubt the official story are propagating fear, but this is completely backwards. YOU are propagating fear by intentionally continuing the suspicion and provoking the legitimate concerns that many people have about increasing government tyranny and the excessive secrecy that comes with it.
Think about what you're doing to the next group of victims and victim's families by keeping silent. They will be forced into silence as well if you allow this to become a precedence, and they will end up being doubted and held under suspicion by the rest of the world as well.
Do the right thing. It's really quite simple. End your silence and give us enough evidence to prove that the official story is either true or false. The longer you wait, the more doubting questions you create as people are forced to speculate. It's your choice as to what rest of the world thinks of you. So make the right choice and cooperate with your fellow man, rather than your tyrannical government authorities.

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